Process Improvement

●  Documentation
●  Root Cause (Cause & Effect)
●  Key Performance Indicators
●  Project Delivery, Portfolio

Strategic Planning

 Facilitation of Strategic
●  Business Plan
 Company Restructuring/
●  Re-stabilization
●  Relationship Management
   - Clients
   - Vendors
   - Strategic Partner(s)
●  Key Performance Metrics

Employee Training and Development

 Customized Training
Hiring Process
 Job Descriptions, Objectives
 and Performance Appraisals
●  Pay for Performance
●  Organizational Charts

    • Mary Ann Holloway is one of those rare people who can consult, advise and execute – and do it all with unmatched cheerfulness and a no-nonsense attitude. I engaged Mary Ann to help us found and start-up a company that would have two activities – buying and owning operating businesses and investing some of the free cash flows generated from the operating businesses into public market investments. Her focus was finance (setting up an Office of the Controller and all that goes with that) and human resources (setting up criteria and processes for job descriptions, hiring, motivating, incenting, and evaluating). She not only set up these departments but ran them and trained those who took them over. Her thinking was always strategically sound. She was organized. She was meticulous and timely in execution. She always inspired respect among those she dealt with in part because she is a natural teacher and taught people while she led them.   Read all testimonials


All business consists of a process or a series of processes. And businesses should always strive to find benefits that enhance the bottom line by improving efficiencies.

Change is a necessary and important part of our business and personal lives. In order to help your business adapt to change, employees must learn to embrace new skills and approaches.

Our companies strive to hire, develop and retain the best employees. We value our people and reward outstanding performers. Our employees act as agents of our organization and it is through them that we make our goals, processes, and work product specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely (SMART).

Current Workshops and Seminars:
Below is a list of current training courses that are available.

●  How to Hire, Train & Retain the Best Employees
●  Development & Roll-out of Employee Pay for Performance Plans
●  How to Document a Performance Appraisal & Objectives Process
●  Interpreting P&L & Balance Sheet Statements for Managers
●  Manage your Business Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
●  How to Incorporate Operational Best Practices into your Firm
●  Solution Selling & Reporting
●  Writing SMART Operational Policies & Procedures
●  Practical Project Management
●  Components of a Business Plan-The How's & Why's
●  QuickBooks


  • Solutions

Hiring Process - CBCTC's hiring process helps to make the selection of the "right" person for your organization much faster, less expensive, and more effective. We work to ensure that from identification of a personnel requirement, to creation of an ad, job description and objectives, qualification process (resume & salary requirements review, written response, skill set interview, & behavioral interview), candidate selection, offer letter, and employee orientation, we will recommend the most suitable candidate(s) for your Company's needs.

Job Descriptions, Objectives & Performance Appraisals - CBCTC documents detailed job descriptions and communicates performance objectives to your Company employees. Performance Appraisal processes and forms are developed to measure, monitor, and control compliance with stated job descriptions and individual, team and/or Company objectives.

Pay for Performance - CBCTC develops and documents pay for performance compensation plans designed to share your Company's success with your staff. The amount of variable pay awarded to your employees depends on how well the individual, team, and Company has succeeded in meeting or exceeding its established goals. The plan details the initiatives to be undertaken, the expected results, and the criteria used to measure and determine the adherence to the plan.

Policies and Procedures - CBCTC develops policy and procedure manuals in order to communicate plans and work routines which are necessary to ensure a consistent and repeatable approach to all key processes.

Organizational Charts - CBCTC develops a formal organizational chart depicting the formal (direct) and informal (indirect) relationships within your Organization.