Process Improvement

●  Documentation
●  Root Cause (Cause & Effect)
●  Key Performance Indicators
●  Project Delivery, Portfolio

Strategic Planning

 Facilitation of Strategic
●  Business Plan
 Company Restructuring/
●  Re-stabilization
●  Relationship Management
   - Clients
   - Vendors
   - Strategic Partner(s)
●  Key Performance Metrics

Employee Training and Development

 Customized Training
Hiring Process
 Job Descriptions, Objectives
 and Performance Appraisals
●  Pay for Performance
●  Organizational Charts

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All business consists of a process or a series of processes. And businesses should always strive to find benefits that enhance the bottom line by improving efficiencies.

Approach -  Our approach for process improvement involves the following methodology:

●  Analyze
●  Design
●  Implement
●  Measure (KPIs)
●  Adjust

At each step along the way, we document the process so our clients have the ability to maintain and monitor these processes going forward.

» The establishment of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is a vital tool that businesses need to supplement their current business and financial reporting mechanisms.

The benefit of process improvements and the development of KPIs supports a firm's goal of attaining Operational Excellence. This effort will allow your business to focus on the most important drivers that will track and predict successes and reduce or eliminate negative results in a timely manner.

Process Improvement
- We identify and prioritize process improvement initiatives in all Company departments: we document workflows, policies and procedures, checklists, and opportunities for greater efficiencies/internal controls. We engage your staff in process improvement initiatives from concept to delivery and develop methods for measuring, monitoring and controlling adherence to approved processes.

ocumentation - We document strategic plans, goals and initiatives, workflows, policies, procedures, job descriptions, objectives, and Company reporting requirements.

Training - We identify Company and departmental training requirements. We design class agendas and content tailored to the specific needs of your  organization. Training is conducted using group and/or individual tailored sessions and presentation materials and handouts are developed and distributed.

Root Cause (Cause & Effect) Analysis  - Problem resolution aids your organization to consistently deliver a highly reliable product or service to your customers. The intent is to solve people, process and/or resource issues at the “root cause”. This approach is different from the band-aid approach and helps to prevent problems from re-occurring, by attacking the root of the problem, and not just its resultant fall-out.

Key Performance Indicators (Metrics) - We develop metrics to measure and monitor the activities which drive financial and operational outcomes. We also provide a process for measuring financial and non-financial tasks which are critical and aligned to your Company’s goals and strategies. This allows your Company to identify potential issues in a timely manner, and make business decisions to mediate or eliminate anticipated negative results.

Project Delivery, Portfolio Management - We manage your projects (internal or vendor delivered) from beginning to end; managing scope, cost and schedule. We also monitor issues and risks and provide timely status reporting for all stakeholders. We can also establish and manage an approach to track performance on all projects in the current portfolio, and mentor your team in practical PM methodologies.