Process Improvement

●  Documentation
●  Root Cause (Cause & Effect)
●  Key Performance Indicators
●  Project Delivery, Portfolio

Strategic Planning

 Facilitation of Strategic
●  Business Plan
 Company Restructuring/
●  Re-stabilization
●  Relationship Management
   - Clients
   - Vendors
   - Strategic Partner(s)
●  Key Performance Metrics

Employee Training and Development

 Customized Training
Hiring Process
 Job Descriptions, Objectives
 and Performance Appraisals
●  Pay for Performance
●  Organizational Charts

    • ... Mary Ann was integral in driving both projects to successful outcomes. She developed project plans centered on examining the market, thus helping us focus on the best industries to pursue. In addition, Mary Ann designed and implemented a series of KPI's, Key Performance Indicators, to capture and analyze all of the data necessary to determine the profitability of our Service Center.  We were quickly able to revise our pricing formulas to better cover our costs, while maintaining desirable profit margins. Thomas G. Doyle, President,Shoreline Records Management Read all testimonials 


Sometimes the day-to-day operation of your business is so consuming
that it is easy to lose sight of your long-term goals. Any unanticipated, outside events may significantly affect your plans and require an intervention or a shift
in priorities. We can help you pinpoint your goals and develop the supporting strategic plans, initiatives and tasks necessary for your organization to achieve them. In addition to identifying and prioritizing organizational goals,
CBCTC has a proven track record of assisting operationally in the execution and measurement of specific initiatives.

CBCTC works with you to understand your business and then uses a facilitated approach to agree on and document your goals. When goal identification is coupled with our insight, derived from a multitude of industries, we can help you craft a Business Plan that is executable and measurable.

We all want to know where we are going and have a plan on how and when we will arrive at our destination. The journey is extremely important, as we prepare to make necessary adjustments in real-time, to use our strengths to capitalize on current and future opportunities. The company's leadership team and support staff must understand how their contribution fits into your organization's strategic and operational goals.

In addition to being valuable to the staff, this plan will also allow potential investors to understand your vision, enabling them to make informed decisions about their interest in your organization.


Facilitation of Strategic Meetings - CBCTC uses a method whereby we help to drive the course of action that will assist your organization in achieving one or more goals. By discussing your organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), both short-term and long-term goals can be identified, documented, and managed.

Business Plan
- CBCTC documents your Company's strategic business plan which includes an executive summary, Company overview, offerings (products and/or services), competitive analysis, management and key personnel, financial income statement projections and financial assumptions.

Company Restructuring/Re-stabilization - CBCTC is integrately involved in determining, documenting, and implementing the business modifications necessary to enact significant organizational changes or shifts in Company direction.

Relationship Management (Clients/Vendors/Strategic Partners) - CBCTC uses relationship management techniques to encourage an atmosphere of trust, openness and communication in order to successfully work together and accomplish shared objectives. As relationship managers, we will ensure that communications at all levels are relevant and timely. We will manage expectations and establish and measure compliance with regular reporting procedures, including the problem resolution process. 

Key Performance Indicators (Metrics) - We develop metrics to measure and monitor the activities which drive financial and operational outcomes. We also provide a process for measuring financial and non-financial tasks which are critical and aligned to your Company’s goals and strategies. This allows your Company to identify potential issues in a timely manner, and make business decisions to mediate or eliminate anticipated negative results.