Our Corporation is  committed to excellence
in the service and support of clients. We believe that
our programs lead to producing superior business executives and improved business practices for the clients that we provide service for. The presence of quality programs plays an integral role in the ability of CBCTC to meet its mission and accomplish
its goals. The following principles guide our Corporation:

Methodology - We tailor our service based on the actual needs of our clients, we do not force them into a "one size fits all" box.

The solutions we provide are of the highest quality, based on best practices that are the most effective rather than just treating one issue.

Dedication - We are fully dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals by teaching them how to maintain scalable and sustainable solutions.

Integrity - We are consistent and accept responsibility for our actions.

Comprehensive Business Consulting & Training Corporation (CBCTC), founded by Mary Ann Holloway, performs business consulting services with an emphasis on continuous process improvement and efficiencies. Areas of concentration include Operational Processes, Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, Facilitation and Employee Training & Development. The scope of our services is across the entire business spectrum including: Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing and Human Resources.

Mary Ann Holloway is the President and Founder of Comprehensive Business Consulting and Training Corp., specializing in: Operational Excellence through Process Improvement, Strategic Planning/Goal-Setting/Facilitation and Training and Employee Development. She served as Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of The Schatten Group from 2002-2007. Her emphasis was on managing expectations and measuring, monitoring, and controlling the outcomes of multiple strategic projects for various C-Level Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Professionals.

Mary Ann previously spent 11 years with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) as an Accountant and Financial Analyst. Her work focused on all aspects of corporate operations, spanning multiple divisions and locations. Emphasis was on the control of financial statements and preparation of the business case and financial-related aspects of large, strategic projects. Mary Ann has managed various financial and operational teams.

Mary Ann earned her B.A. in Accounting and a Masters Degree in Corporate Finance from Dowling College. She is currently serving as an Adjunct Lecturer teaching classes in Financial Management and Macroeconomics in Dowling’s MBA program. 

We will work with the decision-makers in your organization to create and implement sustainable practices that work.

Proven Track Record
The ability to repeatedly deliver innovative solutions for small, medium and large size companies is the hallmark of CBCTC's success.  We have a stellar track record for successful implementation of proven business practices and procedures across our
client base.    

Measurable Results
We work with you to create 
 Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely (S.M.A.R.T.) goals that can  be monitored and measured for assessing success.